Ahad, 20 Mac 2011

what da really2 exhausted weekends!!!

lovely one to a neighbor dat wanna give to her hubby!

i love black card...lots of color i can juz put in!
diz weekends as my stated schedule last post...im doing da exhibition for Program Pengajian Tinggi Negara 2011 'Jom Masuk U'...under Jabatan Pengajian Kolej Komuniti...i thought we're just diong da promotion for our college only..but..when we arrived, sumbody told us dat we shud do for da 1 malaysia community colleges!..wat da suprise!anyway...it is so lucky 2 have other booths neighbours dat so frenly...they're really helping us by promoting our college especially in short courses for long life learning program! on saturday, im doing exhibition for glass painting..lots of people really impressed on dat work as well as those who r really excited to attend da course on diz next wikens..today, im doing demos on doing handmade greeting cards as well as bookmarks...most of our neighbours love to have their own copies to bring back to peninsular malaysia..to not let them feeling so much down (wat da broken english!), i was sold some of my cards...hehe...got some pocket money to be spend until diz next salary..hihi...anyway...THANX to ALL!!
so..diz is my booth...me..not in da picture bcoz taking diz picture..hehe..
da very 'messiest' one..hehe
quite good combination of color i think..hihi
really love diz card..
simple but so difficult to glued dat flower on dat corrugated paper..huhu
so..those r da cards dat i made today!..huh..

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