Rabu, 23 Mac 2011

Karnival Landskap KKMG 2011

huhu..today is da 2nd day...b4 i forgot...diz Landscape Carnival start on 22 March 2011 which means yesterday n ends on diz friday...several interesting programs been planned...the tentative programs is:

22nd March - Glass painting making
                      Mural (Level 2)
                      Cement ferro (prepared Kerangka)
23rd March - Felt Crafts (Keychain) making
                      Mural (Level 3)
                      Cement ferro (1st layered plaster)
                      Exhibition n sales of Glass paintings, felt crafts n pot plants
24th March - Handmade Greeting Cards making
                     Mural ( Level 2 stairs)      
                     Cement ferro ( 2nd layered plaster n sketching)
                     Program 1 Kelahiran 1 Pokok
                     Exhibition n sale of pot plants n handmade greeting cards
25th March - Program Pengindahan KKMG
                     Cement ferro (painting n finishing)
                     Gerai jualan pelbagai

There's are several of da products..

suprise besday cakes from my beloved students!
my suprised besday cake!

also have apai's suprised besday cake!

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